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The Tenant Participation Advisory Service (TPAS Cymru) has supported social housing tenants and landlords across Wales to develop effective participation in housing for over 25 years.  We also work on the wider citizen engagement agenda, promoting good practice in public services, through training, support, practical projects and policy development.

We have extensive knowledge of social housing with a focus on issues from tenant perspective and for the benefit of the tenants.


New Welsh Government Consultations

TPAS Cymru invite comments from members to contribute to the consultations carried out by the Welsh Government and other agencies that impact on housing and community issues in Wales.

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TAP Cymru

A Tenant Advisory Panel, also known as ‘TAP’, was established in summer 2010 to support the Regulatory Board for Wales.


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TPAS Cymru Publications

TPAS Cymru produces a range of publications including guidance, information and specific statistics for the social housing sector in Wales. Our goal is to make information available in an accessible format, without compromising the quality of the information.

Visit our publications pages for further information on our latest publications.

TPAS Cymru Events

TPAS Cymru is hosting a number of events throughout the year to promote the sharing of good practice, expand knowledge and skills and to facilitate the development of tenant participation policy and housing in Wales. Visit our events pages for further information on our forthcoming events.

New Solutions Available - Service User Involvement

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Latest News & Events

TPAS stands for Tenant Participation Advisory Service and TPAS Cymru is the national tenants and landlord participation service for Wales.

Our essential Wales-wide role is to be a resource hub of information and expertise in advising on and promoting good practice in tenant participation for the benefit of tenants and social landlords alike.

Our work is wide ranging and includes; delivering training, undertaking reviews of tenant participation, establishing and supporting scrutiny, service user involvement , managing projects, organising events, disseminating information and good practice and much more.

We are active across Wales working with tenants, residents, landlords and supported housing providers, operating from our head office in Cardiff city centre and our a small regional office in North Wales.

Feel free to get in touch with us to find out how we can support you or to find out more about the services we provide:

Tel: 02920 237303;  Tel: 01492 593046


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