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TPAS Cymru has supported social housing tenants and landlords in Wales for over 20 years and has a strong track record in developing effective participation through training, support, practical projects and policy development.

We have extensive knowledge of social housing with a focus on issues from tenant perspective and for the benefit of the tenants.

New Welsh Government Consultations

TPAS Cymru invite comments from members to contribute to the consultations carried out by the Welsh Government and other agencies that impact on housing and community issues in Wales.

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TAP Cymru

The Tenant Advisory Panel (TAP) for the Regulatory Board for Wales has been set up in partnership by the Welsh Tenants Federation, TPAS Cymru and the Welsh Assembly Housing Regulation Team in light of the recent Essex Review .

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TPAS Cymru Publications

TPAS Cymru produces a range of publications including guidance, information and specific statistics for the social housing sector in Wales. Our goal is to make information available in an accessible format, without compromising the quality of the information.

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TPAS Cymru Events

TPAS Cymru is hosting a number of events throughout the year to promote the sharing of good practice, expand knowledge and skills and to facilitate the development of tenant participation policy and housing in Wales. Visit our events pages for further information on our forthcoming events.

Latest News & Events

Support for Tenant Participation: Priorities and Shape of Future Provision

The pyramid of participation – TPAS Cymru’s vision of tenant participation

The pyramid of participation – TPAS Cymru’s vision of tenant participation

The eagerly awaited report of a Review of Tenant Participation in Wales has been published this week. The report was produced by a consultant on behalf of Welsh Government who will now need to decide about the options and recommendations proposed in the report. Summary of the report, click here; full report click here. TPAS Cymru’s response to the Review report is available here.

Broadly TPAS Cymru welcomes the content and conclusions of the report which we feel is an accurate presentation of what tenant participation is about, and a well considered assessment of the options for continuing support infrastructure. The vision and priorities for effective tenant participation are very much what TPAS Cymru has advocated for some years based on our ‘Next Generation’ guide. We welcome many aspects of the report and its recommendations including TPAS Cymru continuing as an independent organisation, while pursuing our existing discussions about collaboration to increase efficiencies. However, some recommendations would mean significant changes in the way TPAS Cymru is funded and how support for tenant participation might be delivered.

It is clear that Welsh Government support for tenant participation will continue but in an altered framework and with less resources. Watch this space for Welsh Government decisions. We hope those decisions will take account that support and training for tenants to shape and improve services will pay back in efficiency and effective services.


Welsh Government has approved core grant for TPAS Cymru for the whole of 2014/15, but with a cut by one third.   That means a lifting of uncertainty for this year and we will be planning and publicising our programme of … Continue reading


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3rd Generation Local Tenant Participation Strategies – North & South

TPAS Cymru are delivering seminars aimed at enabling staff and tenants of Social Landlords to begin the process of developing the 3rd generation of LTP Strategies for submission to the Welsh Government. 1 May 2014 – Unite Building Cardiff – 9.30 am to 12.30 … Continue reading