TPAS Cymru has supported social housing tenants and landlords in Wales for over 20 years and has a strong track record in developing effective participation through training, support, practical projects and policy development. We have an extensive knowledge of social housing with a focus on issues from the tenant perspective and for tenants’ benefit.

Tenants Should Be Involved In Policy Decisions
Our essential Wales-wide role is to be a resource hub of information and expertise delivering at a range of levels

Locally: developing best practice at landlord, tenant group and project level through practical advice, support, training and project work

Across Wales: improving the quality of tenant participation through disseminating and promoting good practice;

At Government level: contributing to policy change by informing about policy developments and issues, channeling the experience and needs of tenants and landlords to policy makers, and working with partner organisations to influence policy.

The Company’s objectives for TPAS Cymru are to:
a) Promote the well being of people in socially rented housing
b) Engage in the advancement of education for the benefit of people in socially rented housing which are now or hereafter may be deemed by law to be charitable.

In furtherance of these objectives, but not further or otherwise, the Company shall:

  1. Promote, initiate and develop tenant participation in housing management, training, supply and services
  2. Advise and assist local authorities, housing associations, housing co-operatives and tenants’ associations:
    • To initiate, develop and implement plans and procedures for tenant participation in housing management, training, supply and services and
    • To improve housing management, training, supply and services to better meet the needs of tenants.
  3. Advise and assist in developing properly accountable and representative tenants’ associations.
  4. Identify the need for training to promote, initiate, develop and carry out training in all matters concerning tenant participation in housing management, training, supply and services.
  5. Liaise and develop links with local authorities, housing associations, co-operatives and other housing bodies, tenants associations, government organisations and advice agencies and organisations of these bodies.

The company shall ensure that its objectives are carried out so that they compliment services provided by existing organisations, and in particular so that they meet the needs of tenants who are women, who come from ethnic minorities, who have disabilities or who live in rural areas.